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FILL IT!' Wine Baggies for use in 'BAG IT!' Wine Purse Bag (3 Pack)

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Fill 'er up. Pour it in. 
What's your beverage, where does it end?

Red, white, or Rose
Margarita, juice, or tea

'Fill It!' up and 'Bag It!' 
You can't go wrong, agree?

3 LITERS OF WINE TRAVEL - Pour the drink of your choice into the 'Fill It!' baggie, attach the dispenser spout, place in your Bag It! and go!

Product Details

  • NEW Design with screw top lid to pour your wine into the bag easily!
  • Make transporting your favorite wine or beverage easy and fuss free. Pour the drink of your choice into the wine pouch, attach the dispenser spout and place into your wine tote or wine carrier.
  • Intended for use with the DU VINO Neoprene Wine Carrier Wine Tote (sold separately).
  • Holds 3 litres (100 oz.) of your favorite beverage. That's the equivalent of 4 bottles of regular wine!
  • The airtight spout prevents the oxidation of your wine preserving it for weeks instead of days.


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